Ziegler, Jakob

Ziegler, Jakob (1470/71 – August 1549) German humanist and theologian scientist, mathematician, geographer. He lived in Europe as a wandering scientist. He studied at the University of Ingolstadt. He spent time in the court of Leo X, and later converted to Protestantism. He taught in Vienna for a short period, and between 1545 and ’49, he was a guest of the Bishop of Passau. His most important geographical tract, titled Schonia, Quae intus continentus, was published in Strassburg in 1532. Between 1514 and ’20, he stayed in Hungary. In Buda, in the Corvina Library, he had the opportunity of studying Regiomontanus’ descriptions of his instruments. This is implied by one of his notes, saying that he built an instrument called meteoroscope, most likely used for geographical measurements. In 1518, he sent one of these instruments to his friend Celio Calcagnini, at that time staying in Eger. During his stay in Hungary, Ziegler also met László Szalkai (1475 – 1526), the Bishop of Vác.

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