Louis II

Louis II (Buda, 1st July 1506 – Mohács, 29th August 1526) Czech and Hungarian king (1516-1526), the last king before the Ottoman occupation to have ruled over the whole medieval Kingdom of Hungary. While he was a child, he was crowned Hungarian king in Fehérvár (4th June 1508) and Czech king in Prague (11th May 1509). His educators were Jeromos Balbi and Jakab Piso. His father, when he died, named Tamás Bakócz, János Bornemissza and György of Brandenburg to be Louis’ guardians. On 11th December 1521, he was deemed adult, and he married Mary Habsburg (later Mary of Hungary). They were engaged since 1515, and on 11th December 1521, via proxy, they married. He didn’t govern, didn’t recognize the threat the Ottoman Empire posed and his attempts against feudal anarchy were in vain. He fought well in the Battle of Mohács, and when the loss became obvious, his escort compelled him to flee. While jumping across the Csele, his horse fell, and the king drowned in the creek.