Sigismund (Prague, 14th February 1368 – Znaim, 9th December 1437) Hungarian (1387), German (1411) and Czech (1420) king, Holy Roman Emperor (1433), one of the most significant monarchs of the late medieval age. He was a descendant of the Luxemburg royal family. His famous deeds include organizing the last pan-European crusade in 1396, ending the Schism in 1417, and beginning the fight against followers of Hus. As a Hungarian king, he is known for losing Dalmatia, re-building Buda and Visegrád in a western manner, beginning the defence against the Ottoman Empire, building a defence system, and legislating in a progressive manner about economy and bondsmen. As he had no sons, he named the husband of her daughter, Albert Habsburg (1437 – 1439), as his successor.

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