Parts of the map - German poem

Color legend worded in a German poem on the Tabula Hungariae, under the caption ‘Poloniae Pars’ In: Tabula Hungariae… 1528, detail (National Széchényi Library, Collection of Early Printed Books, Apponyi Collection, App. M. 136.) Alhie sall bedenkhen ein frummer christ
Wi der Thurkisch Kaysser in gar khurtzer frist,
Bossen ׀ Rätzen ׀ Ungern ׀ und auch Bulgarey
Wynden ׀ Syrffen ׀ und Dalmatiam do bey.
Auss der verhenknis gottes gewonnen hat
Zayget die rote farbe alsso diat
Gelbe farbe noch Christen bedeuten thun
Dy halt (Almechtiger got) in deiner hut.

Alles sso in der getailtn l[i]ni begriffen ist ׀
hat der Thurck geplundert ׀ nach dem er
die schlacht gewonnen hat im 1526 jar.

Here sees the pious Christian
How the Sultan of the Empire, by the will of God,
In an extremely short time, conquered Bosnia, the Rac lands, Hungary and Bulgaria,
The land of Wends, Serbia and Dalmatia,
It is shown in red,
And marked with yellow are Christians,
Whom you shall keep in your protection, Almighty God.

Everything inside the interrupted line
Was destroyed by Ottomans after they won the battle
In the year of 1526.

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